Paolo Solari Bozzi

A short Biography

Born in 1957, in Rome, Paolo Solari Bozzi spent a good part of his youth abroad, his father having been an Italian diplomat. He majored in Scientific studies at high school and graduated from Collegio Navale Francesco Morosini in Venice. When Paolo was 15, a fellow student at the boarding school introduced him to the world of photography and to the darkroom.

In 1982, Paolo obtained his Law Degree from the Università Statale in Milan. In 1990, he decided to quit the country, and his job, and settle in Zurich, focusing on Mergers & Acquisitions, before deciding in 2010 to change direction and settle down in Celerina, by St. Moritz.

Paolo had never lost his interest in photography. When at university, he printed occasionally but his early career got in the way. Around 2003, he started to devote his free time to printing and switched from Leica to medium format. On changing direction in 2010, he immediately installed a new, well-equipped, and large darkroom – since when he has made considerable progress, with the help of some masters, in deepening his printing technique, all as part of the process of converting his passion into a central activity in his life.